Transcription Services

Nichols Secretarial Services offers a fast, affordable and professional transcription service covering all sectors and subject areas, providing quality transcripts to businesses, professionals as well as individuals and students.

Our work is carried out by a team of experienced UK based typists who adhere to strict guidelines on confidentiality and data protection.

Our Transcription Service includes

  • Interviews (verbatim or intelligent verbatim)
  • Medical transcriptions
  • Legal transcriptions
  • University research transcriptions
  • Market research transcriptions
  • Focus groups transcriptions
  • Podcasts and webinars
  • Books and memoirs
  • T.V. and radio transcripts
  • And many more

We can provide standard verbatim and intelligent verbatim transcripts or to your own requirements.

All transcripts are proofread and researched to ensure that to the best of our ability the correct names and terminology are used.

Transcription Types

You can request any format you wish for your transcription, but below are the two most common types requested:


This is an exact copy of what is on the recording including ‘ums’, ‘errs’, ‘sort of’, ‘you know’ and ‘like’ etc. It also includes all repeated words, such as ‘he was very, very, very annoyed’ and unfinished sentences like ‘he went off down the road and…’ Verbatim also includes coughs and laughs, and are designated in square brackets [laughs] [coughs] [laughter].

Intelligent Verbatim

This entails transcribing what is said but editing out any redundant words and phrases such as ‘ums’, ‘errs’, ‘sort of’, ‘you know’ and ‘like’ etc. that have no bearing on the overall content of the transcript; abbreviations such as ‘don’t and ‘can’t’ are left in and the grammar is unaltered. Repeated parts of sentences are left out as long as the speaker goes on to finish the whole sentence.

Recording Tips

In order to ensure the best transcript possible, please try to follow these few simple guidelines:

  • If there are multiple people speaking, please introduce each person separately.
  • Please try to speak clearly and concisely and if there is more than one speaker, please try not to talk over each other.
  • Please spell unusual names, place names and any specialized technical terms.
  • Please try to choose a location where background noise and interference is reduced as much as possible, ideally in a separate room with the doors and windows closed, and mobile phones turned off.
  • Please record on a high quality setting and be aware of any peripheral noises such as coughing and clattering of tea cups etc. that may override the recording and lead to ‘unclears’ in the transcript.


Digital Transcription (audio and video) from £1.00 per audio minute

Accepted file formats

We accept digital files in all formats e.g. wav, mp3, wma, dss, mov, DS2 and also all smartphones including iPhone or Blackberry. We can also transcribe from YouTube videos and we still retain the ability to transcribe from numerous types of cassettes.

Uploading Files

You can send files to us using our Dropbox account. Details on how to do this are supplied separately to ensure security of your documents.

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