Virtual Assistant & Secretarial Services

A VA or Virtual Assistant is the term used for a person who works for you remotely from their own fully equipped office, providing the same professional service as in-house secretarial staff, but at a fraction of the cost.

Substantial savings can be made because you only hire on demand as and when needed. You therefore only pay for 100% productive work.

We offer the following Virtual Assistant & Secretarial Services

  • Digital transcription (audio and video)
  • Audio typing (digital and cassette)
  • CV’s
  • Copy typing

Why hire a virtual assistant or outsource your secretarial services?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant or outsourcing your secretarial services can greatly reduce your overheads, and if you were to outsource all your admin tasks you could eliminate those staffing costs completely.


We offer a variety of secretarial services and listed are our most popular ones. If you require a service not listed please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Our rates are considerably less than hiring an agency temp for example, or paying your own staff overtime rates and a great advantage is that, unlike an agency, we can offer consistency of service and a rapport can be built to fulfil your individual needs.

Audio typing (digital and cassette) from 95p per audio minute
e.g. letters, statements, invoices, attendance notes, surveyors’ reports, medical and legal documents etc.

Copy typing £10.00 per 1000 words
e.g. letters, short stories, manuscripts, dissertations, manuals etc.

CV’s from £20.00

Digital Transcription (audio and video) from £1.00 per audio minute
Find out more details on our transcription service

Uploading Files

You can send files to us using our Dropbox account. Details on how to do this are supplied separately to ensure security of your documents.

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